One on One Fitness 

One private session will forever change the way you look at your body.

First, we’ll explore how your movement habits give rise to physical restrictions and inhibitions.

Then, you’ll be guided away from self-sabotaging patterns, which typically dominate your sitting, lifting or carrying actions, and may provoke lingering aches, weakness

or tensions. If you are looking to improve the way your body feels, and functions, now is your chance to become an active participant in your own makeover, through

self-observation and movement exploration.

Individual Fitness Protocol 

Your personalized follow-up plan takes into consideration your movement anatomy and designed to assist you with a particular muscular situation.


Slouching, a tense neck, forward shoulders, tight hips, weak knees or a sensitive lower back for example, can all be effectively targeted with self-guided muscle release and activation.

Illustrated guides show you how to use simple props and devices (a yoga mat, resistance band, exercise ball, foam roller and free weights)

to maintain your body in top condition, anytime and anywhere - in the gym, at the beach or at home. 

Group Fitness 

The flowing series of body-weight moves, inspired by Yoga, Barre and Pilates, improve your flexibility, mind-body coordination, balance and breathing.


Performed at moderate to low intensity, these choreographed sequences rebalance an lengthen your physique and build your strength proportionately.


Anyone looking for a complete physical, mental, and energetic uplift through light resistance, repetition, and whole-body motion is welcome.




Private Session with Psychic/Medium 

Sign up for a private session with our psychic medium. She is able to communicate and validate specific dates, experiences, scents, and personalities, as well as communicate in languages. 


Also, during your session you can request hypnotherapy which has proven to  reduce the feeling of stress, reduce anxiety, and improve relationships.

Private Yoga Sessions


The ocean can soothe our minds and put us in a meditative state perfectly suited to deepen our yoga practice . In this one on one session, you will be able to have a private lesson while clearing your mind and soul by the ocean shore. 

Group Yoga Sessions 


The ocean can soothe our minds and put us in a meditative state perfectly suited to deepen our yoga practice . In this group session, you will be able to share in mindfulness and exercise with your fellow SSF participants. 





Astrophotography Crash Course 


In this pre-conference crash course (an hour long) participants will learn from Instagram sensation and astrophotographer @JeffKeniPulver.  Learn how to photograph the night sky and process photos on your smartphones.